Wednesday, 22 March 2017

CRG Chicken Rice Guys Location, Opening Hours and Contact

CRG or Chicken Rice Guys is a Muslim operated restaurant in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. The restaurant is now managed by two cousins,Mr. Firman F. and Mr. Imran Audi who is head chef. They started as a small cart stall and worked to developed it to a full fledge restaurant within a year.

Opening Time
Our opening hours are 8am until 7pm.
We are OPEN everyday, except public holiday.

RAMADAN Opening Time
Our opening hours are 430m until 10.30pm.

40, Jalan Zirkon F7/7, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam.

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Contact US:
013 3331950 Man
018 2204022 Audi

Monday, 21 March 2016

Our MENU Background.

Traditional roasted chicken rice
Our chicken rice is made using traditional Chinese style cooking, with halal ingredients. This traditional cooking style ensures the original food flavor are sealed in, which is why we DO NOT need to use artificial flavor enhancers such as MSG.  

Halal Roasted Duck And Itik Goreng Rempah
Isnt it hard to find halal roast duck sometimes? 
Well, do try our CRG Halal Roasted Duck as well as itik goreng rempah. 


Traditional Banggali Bread
CRG breads comes from a local Banggali bread maker who has been kneading dough for 50 years. The bread is still made using traditional methods using hands and organic ingredients instead of processed artificial bread enhancers, conditioners or preservatives. This is why our bread stock is in small batches and not kept long periods. 

roti banggali shah alam

Original Roasted Ground Coffees
CRG people loves coffee and the ais! We carefully source our coffee from our favorite old school kopitiam in Klang and brought it here in CRG for you try. Try it black, blended or iced.

white mee curry, mee kari, mee kari shah alam,
CRG White mee Curry

White Mee Currry And Prawn Mee
 Whilst most places serve it using pre-mixed ingredients, we still prepare the paste from scratch blended with all natural ingredients.
The fresh prawn comes from an old local fisherman to ensure no preservatives such as formaldehyde are used. Smaller boat fishermen returns daily from their trip and uses only ice to keep it chill before CRG picks it up at their home!
Our mee curry is serve with fresh coconut gravy with the kari paste on top, separately. You can then mixed it yourself up to your spicy preference. The kerang are ordered, peeled daily to ensure maximum freshness instead using pre-shelled frozen kerang. 

Mee Kicap Shah Alam , restaurant restoren shah alam

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

CRG Dessert Menu

 At CRG, we loveee desserts! Most of our dessert offering comes from homebakers.

Food quality and taste is our priority but so is affordability. Good food using natural coloring and flavours will yield yummiest ever desserts.

We offers western style desserts such as

Banofee Pie

Local desserts such homemade two layer dadih and nyonya kueh and CRGPandan Tea.

Kueh talam Keladi, Pandan
Seri muka
Kueh lapis rose, pandan
Bingka ubi
And many more.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Our Mission And Vision

CRG Chicken Rice Guys is driven by sincere passion for good and tasty home-cooked quality food. Our food is prepared using traditional ways to ensure the taste is not compromised by mass production, with top quality fresh produce by local fisherman and farmers. 

We do not use MSG flavor enhancers in any of our food.

CRG is also committed to serving our food with excellent customer service. We truly are grateful for the kind support of our customers and we are most please and dedicated to serving each customer with our best. 

It is also in CRG best interest to give back to society. We try our best to ensure part of our business is to help the people who are in need. Our support comes in many ways possible.

We practice open heart discussion in CRG.
We welcomed any comments or critics towards building ourselves better for business.
Please do not hesitate to contact us directly for any clarification, suggestions or complaints.