Tuesday, 30 June 2015

CRG Dessert Menu

 At CRG, we loveee desserts! Most of our dessert offering comes from homebakers.

Food quality and taste is our priority but so is affordability. Good food using natural coloring and flavours will yield yummiest ever desserts.

We offers western style desserts such as

Banofee Pie

Local desserts such homemade two layer dadih and nyonya kueh and CRGPandan Tea.

Kueh talam Keladi, Pandan
Seri muka
Kueh lapis rose, pandan
Bingka ubi
And many more.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Our Mission And Vision

CRG Chicken Rice Guys is driven by sincere passion for good and tasty home-cooked quality food. Our food is prepared using traditional ways to ensure the taste is not compromised by mass production, with top quality fresh produce by local fisherman and farmers. 

We do not use MSG flavor enhancers in any of our food.

CRG is also committed to serving our food with excellent customer service. We truly are grateful for the kind support of our customers and we are most please and dedicated to serving each customer with our best. 

It is also in CRG best interest to give back to society. We try our best to ensure part of our business is to help the people who are in need. Our support comes in many ways possible.

We practice open heart discussion in CRG.
We welcomed any comments or critics towards building ourselves better for business.
Please do not hesitate to contact us directly for any clarification, suggestions or complaints.